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Windows shopping

Microsoft launched their new version of Windows and wanted to promote the effort for businesses and consumers around the world in all manner of print and digital marketing.

The tagline for the Windows campaign was: “Work easy. Play hard.” The company incentivized hardware manufacturers and retailers to advertise the new operating system with graphic “tags”, and provided a wide variety of production assets to make this effort easier and more consistent for the Microsoft brand.

It’s just a simple graphic, right?

The graphic concept is simple, but it gets complicated when you factor in nearly 40 languages, three different sizes, 16 color combinations, and many navigation assets. In the past, this type of asset creation took a long time and was plagued with inconsistent results.

We can say “work easy, play hard” in 40 languages

Through the right kind of research, we created a proprietary method to build almost 7,000 deliverables faster and more accurately:

  • Understanding the user helped us to reduce the quantity of required files by 25%. People found the file they needed faster, which improved user experience.
  • Using vector rather than bitmap source files reduced storage requirements by 87%, which accelerated downloads and site performance.
  • Our unique process dropped production time from 4 weeks to 6 days.

You’ll see them in advertising all over the world.