Strengthen your position




Problem definition
User research
Competitive analysis
Brand alignment
Visual design
Brand tools

The need: Who are we?

Bodypoint is an award-winning company full of people who love to create highly functional products designed to enhance postural support for people using wheelchairs.

Despite high praise and noble goals, their competitors were much larger. Bodypoint needed a clear position that would help their market understand the highest reason to buy their products.


“Strengthen your position”

Strategic positions are most effective if they are true and based on the core beliefs of leadership. We dove into the existing brand, interviewed stakeholders and documented the company’s values, personality, and story. Then we compared it against public perception. Working together with one of our partners (Stoke Strategy), we distributed surveys to over 3,000 customers and achieved a 10% rate of response — much higher than the standard 2%.

Once analysis was complete and the new strategy was accepted, we delivered templates for their most important marketing assets:

content_BP_branding_2Comprehensive style guide

content_BP_branding_3Stationary with business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, & thank-you cards

content_BP_branding_4PowerPoint template

content_BP_branding_5Production information sheets for sales meetings and tradeshows

content_BP_branding_6Email template

content_BP_branding_7Website template to improve the user experience and more accurately exhibit the company’s identity.


Thank you for all the work you did to get us where we are. I am very excited about our brand positioning, tagline and website. It will be exciting to see it unfold in the coming months and grow throughout the years.

Product manager Bodypoint