SharePoint Conference 2014

Microsoft SharePoint Conference



Content concepts
PowerPoint design
Onsite event support

Microsoft’s biggest audience of the year

The annual SharePoint Conference is a high-profile, tier-1 event. It featured four keynote sessions, over 200 breakout sessions, and a main session by former president Bill Clinton. (He brought his own slides.)

Organizers needed PowerPoint presentations for executives from Microsoft Office and SharePoint. Slides needed to easily communicate the new value and difference in those products, and support powerful stories across a multiscreen environment with seamless transitions to and from video.

Photo by Alex Geslani / CC BY 2.0

In big rooms, simple experiences are more memorable

To support the event and video production team (Trifilm), we joined working sessions with primary stakeholders and content owners to learn the script and explore the event theme. Then we optimized the design and visual metaphors to their simplest core concepts.

In the final decks, about 75 slides remained for a full day and four speakers. And we joined the teams in Las Vegas to support the presentation needs in rehearsals and throughout the live event.

Photo by Alex Geslani / CC BY 2.0