How to sell to a CFO

Hewlett Packard


Concept and script development
Video production
Video editing
Motion graphics

How do executives decide to buy?

Hewlett Packard needed to train their sales staff on how to sell further up the chain of command. Thinking like a CFO, what opportunities can you find in a balance sheet or profit-and-loss statement? And what is the most effective story to tell?

Executive Communications (now Corporate Visions), a local company with expertise in negotiating at the highest levels, was asked to provide this on-demand experience to thousands of HP’s sales professionals.


A three-part miniseries to boost the bottom line

Working closely with the subject matter experts, we created a video trilogy to bring key sales concepts to life.




We completed scripts, worked with our production partner (Surround Media) to hire talent and crew, and completed post-production in-house (editing and motion graphics).






Big ideas save money too

Producing the entire series at once improved continuity for the story across all 3 videos and saved the client over 60% on production costs compared to filming each separately. The finished product was distributed on HP’s internal network as a resource for their huge sales team.