Connecting your business to the Internet of Things

Bluetooth SIG


User research
Script & story
Image acquisition
PowerPoint design

What is the Internet of Things?

By the year 2020, 28 billion devices will communicate with each other as part of the Internet of Things. The opportunities are nearly limitless for businesses and manufacturers to create more useful experiences, potentially growing their customers.

Bluetooth wanted to update their corporate presentation and evangelize this huge business opportunity. It would be a diverse audience, including the industry press, partner OEMs, and new prospects just considering wireless technology for the first time. The presentation needed a memorable story and clean visual style to keep important concepts front of mind.


Connect your business

This project unfolded in three phases:

  1. Contextual research
  2. Script development
  3. Visual design

Research included working sessions with stakeholders, who shared the story in their own words. We then audited existing marketing material to ensure that the new presentation remained consistent with the brand and voice. Finally, we analyzed outside market research to learn what the audience already knew about the subject.




Once ready, we worked with executive leadership to draft a script with a compelling story, tone, and pace for the presentation.




Designers pulled visuals away from confusing technical diagrams, toward the big picture and an optimistic future. Solutions were chosen for their inspirational, human connection. With easy visual metaphors to support key information and audience recall across multiple cultures.




The press conference in Japan resulted in numerous tier-1 media clippings and reposts. And the anticipation is growing for what’s next with the technology.