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Great moments are worth remembering

In 2014, the Seattle Seahawks earned their first trip to the Super Bowl by winning the NFC championship in dramatic fashion. Richard Sherman tipped a pass in the end zone, and Malcolm Smith completed the interception to seal the victory.

To commemorate the celebrated event, a group of fans organized a crowdsourced effort to commission a statue of “the tip” for display in front of CenturyLink Field. In order to raise the money, however, the planners had to get the word out.


The result: We designed the tip

Before the 12th man could launch a public fundraiser, the effort needed a strong visual identity to make the story memorable.

We designed a symbol and word marks for the “Build the Tip” campaign. And we delivered a design guide and presentation template.


Our work appeared on the donation incentives (footballs, bracelets, pint glasses, T-shirts), and media coverage. Go Hawks!


Venture Arts really transformed our project from a good idea into a professionally branded campaign, . . . They immediately got what we were trying to do. . . . The wonderful branding work they created has represented us beautifully across local and national publications, websites and television. . . . We give Venture Arts our strongest possible recommendation.

Joe Michaels and Chris Bauer, project organizers