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Where the past, present and future meet

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is an organization that curates and encourages innovation of the Bluetooth technology platform.  With over 30,000 members using and actively contributing to the growth of the technology, it’s important that Bluetooth succinctly communicate their brand story, big successes and areas for future growth to their member companies.




However, a traditional “annual report” wasn’t what Bluetooth was after; they wanted an interactive experience their members could engage with.  And a platform they could use to keep their members informed year-round.




For a little over 10 weeks we partnered with Bluetooth to build a micro-site that encapsulated their mid-year story in a brand experience that was both highly interactive and memorable.  We worked alongside their subject-matter-experts and stakeholders to convert a content-heavy outline into a visual story anyone could understand.




Partnering with their SEO team, the site was also built with analytics in mind: every section of the site is fully trackable, allowing Bluetooth to see which information is most important to their members.  Equipped with this tailor-made experience, the Bluetooth SIG is set for the future with a platform that helps them report on what their members need most.

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